Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dining by letters

Imagine for a moment you are dining at a fabulous restaurant renowned for its exquisite cuisine, like Aureole in New York, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London or the Harbourkitchen in Sydney.

But the dishes have been assembled alliteratively. All the ingredients, for any dish, are restricted to just As, Bs or Cs.

In what ways might your taste buds be surprised, shocked or terrified by the idiotic ingredients, curious combinations or tantalizing taste sensations? Here's a sample:

Beluga and baby beets in blackberry broth
Creamed crab casserole and caramel confusion
Lamb loin lollypops with licorice liqueur
Minke mushroom and marzipan miso
Newt and numbat nibbles with nougat gnashes
Oregano and orange obsessions
Peppercorn peas with pesto, pear and pecorini petals
Poached perch with pineapple and pistachio puree
Quagga quesadillas and quince quibblets
Tuna terrines with tiny tangerine and turnip tacos#

Question: What amazing alliterative combination of edible foodstuffs could you invent to present to your favorite restaurateur so as to revitalize the culinary arts in your city/neigborhood?

# from Chapter 11, Imaginary Friends, a ribald pataphysical romp for adults, co-written with Abby Straus of New York.

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