Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deeply hidden beliefs

If my mother and her twin sister had been born in Africa I might not be writing these words. In many tribes, twins are feared and ostracized. Some are murdered. Instead, she was born in Australia where multiple births are regarded as a blessing, rather than a curse.

Such superstitions have no rational basis. But none of us are immune. Deep within our connected psyche, most of us harbor some unsustainable, unsupportable beliefs, passed down from one generation to the next, that causes us to think or respond in some strange, illogical or unreasonable way. Friday the 13th, spilled sugar, ladders, broken mirrors or opening an umbrella indoors are among the most obvious.

Deeply rooted erroneous beliefs are like the thick hawsers that tie our boats to the bollards on the wharf. Even if we gun the engines to full speed ahead we never set sail.

Question: What deeply hidden beliefs or fears do you harbor that prevent you from achieving your full potential as a human being, member of your family, community or business?

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